How Technology advancement improve our lifestyle?

How Technology advancement improve our lifestyle?


The word “technology” is not new for any of us. The technology advancement and impacts of technology on our daily life are extremely noticeable.

The technology usage in our daily routine is increasing day by day and leaving its effects in a different way for different people. But in this article, we will discuss all the positive effects which are game changers. In this tech era technology has the ability to work as backbone for all the sectors whether it’s related to education, health or business.

Almost in every field a person should have the knowledge about the computer and the use of software. So the effects of technology are not something hard to notice. Technology advancement is increasing for good which should be appreciated.

“This is why I loved technology: if you used it right, it could give you power and privacy.”- Cory Doctorow
In this article below we will highlight the major sectors which are getting influenced by the technology advancement.

1-Technology advancement in education sector

How Technology advancement improve our lifestyle?

If we talk about few years back than the whole scenario was completely different. Everything was completely manual and limited. With the passage of time the means of getting education changes which helps to increase the productivity and exposure about the knowledge.
Technology advancement broadens the education circle and made the knowledge universal. Anyone can get the required knowledge with a very little effort. You can use your smartphone anywhere without any hurdles.

Even the environment of class rooms have changed completely which makes a huge difference. Students now can have the better quality lectures with diverse range of tech equipment. Students enjoy their studies while using the latest gadgets. Students who cannot join their educational institutes for some reason can get the facility of distance learning which is only because of technology advancement.

2-Technology advancement in health sector

Before the technology advancement many of diseases were not even diagnostic. Due to which many people died in last decades. Technology advancement makes the health issues something very minor to detect and treated. Now the people with serious health issues can be cured and healed with the help of technology.
In future, we will see the doctors will be able to operate their patients even from long distance. Still, the health sector is getting extended by the new inventions which would definitely be great thing for all the living beings.

3- Technology advancement in entertainment sector

We need entertainment to get refreshed from our daily tasks no matter what kind of era is going on. In past the entertainment sources were limited and hard to get. TV and radio used to broadcast the limited stuff for its users but now the technology took it far away. Now you can manage both work and entertainment at the same time on your smartphones and other tech gadgets.
Different age groups now can have their entertainment as much as they want and the quality of entertainment is 110 times better than previous. The entertainment in this era has diverse variety which provides the huge range of interactivity as well as the learning.
There are many games available for kids even for the adults according to their interest which provides entertainment and education at the same time.

4- Technology advancement in travelling sector

Travelling was huge riddle to solve in past but now it’s a tiny thing to do with much more ease. People used to have dissimilar travelling means in past which were not only highly time-consuming, but also very uncomfortable.
But now the magician named technology has changed the whole game. You can travel around the globe within the few hours with magical ease and comfort which was just a dream in the past.
Now you can eat, sleep and even can work while travelling.

5- Technology advancement in communication sector

Technology turned the whole world into a global village where getting connected is not hard at all. You can connect to anyone anywhere within the seconds. Now you can share your personal life with your friends worldwide. It was hard in past to do the same thing because of time consumption and limited resource, but now your voice can travel globally wherever and whenever you want too.

6-Technology advancement in business sector

Business productivity has increase dramatically due to technology. SMM or social media marketing plays an important role for any business organization. Obviously it’s hard to reach your customers directly around the world in real world.
But technology make it as easy as drinking a glass of water. You can get in touch with your consumer directly and can extend your business circle easily.


Technology is something which is made for the ease of human being so that the normal life can get colorful due to its ease and comfort. But being human being we shouldn’t be technology’s slave because we all know very well that excess of everything is bad. Nothing is bad in this world it’s the use which is right or wrong. Technology initially was made to get ease now it’s up to you how you use it.

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