Best pc builds for Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the most popular PC games that you can find out there. It was able to attract more than 25 million players within the very first week. Popularity of the game further increased and it was able to surpass over 50 million players within the first month. If you are interested in playing this game, you will come across the need to build a PC for it. Here are two of the options available for you to consider.

$500 PC to play Apex Legends

If you are on a tight budget, you will come across the need to build a $500 PC to proceed with playing Apex Legends. Here are the specs that you can go for in the $500 PC.

  • AMD Ryzen 3 4-Core CPU with 3.1GHz processor speed.
  • A320M motherboard
  • 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 4GB Graphics Card.
  • 8GB DDR4 2400 RAM
  • Windows 10 Home Edition (64-bit)
  • 80 Plus Certified Power Supply with 500W

This is a decent desktop computer with decent hardware specs, which you can build for a budget of $500. After you do it, you will be able to go ahead and start playing Apex Legends at the comfort of your home.

Processor plays a major role behind this computer in assisting you to play Apex Legends. This processor has been unlocked to help you with overclocking. In addition to that, you can discover an advanced Zen architecture in it as well. The gaming PC has got four powerful processor cores. These cores are in a position to enhance the gaming performance that you can receive. In addition to that, you will be able to adapt that according to the specific gaming needs that you have as well.

Power of processor offered to you is complemented by GTX 1050Ti Graphics Card. This graphics card provides a memory of 4GB, which is more than enough to play Apex Legends. You will be able to play the games with stunning visuals. It can provide a realistic gaming experience as well. It is even possible for you to play the game in 1080p full HD mode, without experiencing any lags.

This gaming PC is ideal for AAA gaming and e-sports as well. That’s because you will be able to receive a high frame rate performance from it. Along with Apex Legends, you can play many other games, including Fortnite, Overwatch and PUBG. Along with that, you will also be able to play the intense AAA title games, such as GTA V and Tomb Raider.

Another impressive reason available for you to invest on this gaming rig is that it can deliver a consistent and a high-quality color scheme to you. The PC gamers in today’s world are concerned about little things such as consistent color schemes and RGB lighting. You will be able to get that within your budget as well. Therefore, it is possible for you to build a satisfying gaming PC. This gaming PC is enough for you to play a variety of high-end games. Hence, it is a great option available for any gamer, who wants to play Apex Legends at a tight budget.

$800 PC to play Apex Legends

If you can spend up to $800, you have the freedom to go ahead and develop even a better-quality PC. Here are the specs that you need to be concerned about at the time of developing a $800 PC to play Apex Legends.

  • Ryzen 4 3.4 GHZ, 6 Core 2600 CPU.
  • A320M Motherboard
  • 500GB SSD Drive
  • 8GB Gaming DDR RAM
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 graphics card with 6GB video memory
  • Four RGB Ring Fans to deliver maximum flow of air
  • 500-Watt Power Supply

This gaming PC can be developed with a budget of less than $500. It can help gamers to take their gaming initiatives to the next level with ease. That’s because this PC can deliver a rich performance to play Apex Legends and many other games. It is a powerful PC and you will not regret about the decision to build this PC.

Ryzen 5 Processor delivers enhanced performance to you. This processor is ideal for both gaming as well as streaming. Along with that, you will also be able to receive an enhanced experience when you are encoding videos with the help of this processor.

The GTX 16 Series graphics have also contributed significantly towards the popularity of Apex Legends game. It will provide you with the opportunity to upgrade the PC and make sure that you are in a position to play the most popular games. You don’t need to think twice before you get your hands on the modern titles. That’s because you can play them on your PC. At the time of playing games, you can even go ahead and stream them on YouTube or Twitch. You will not have to experience any lags when you are doing it.

Dedicated hardware that is offered to you by Apex Legends can deliver 15% more efficiency when compared to the performance of previous generation graphics card. This graphics card has been enhanced to be compatible with Open Broadcaster Software as well.

A faster performance will be delivered to you by this gaming rig in order to engage with AAA gaming titles. In other words, you will not just be able to play Apex Legends on the computer, but you can also play games such as GTA V, Rise of the Tomb Raider and The Division 2.

Every single dollar that you spend to build this $800 gaming rig is worth. That’s because you will be provided with an outstanding performance at the end of the day. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to forward with it from the budget you have and make sure that you end up with the best possible returns at the end of the day.

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